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Fox News: Louisville’s Progressive Media Outlet

August 1, 2008

I don’t usually choose to watch Fox News. I frequently cringe when it is inflicted upon me in airports or doctors’ waiting rooms. So when a Fox reporter called to say she wanted to interview me about organic agriculture I was a little nervous. Was I being set up for public ridicule of hippie food, yuppy food, or worse?

To my surprise and relief, it turned out to be a straight-up, feel-good piece about the benefits of organic agriculture.

OK, so they included a lot of supermarket shots of industrial organic produce, trucked from afar, which probably isn’t the most sustainable. And the closing comments (the way to tell it’s really organic is by the number on the bar code) would probably leave the likes of Eliot Coleman or Joel Salatin doubled over in pain or mirth.

There’s some learning left to do, but they were taking this stuff seriously. This week they also ran segments on growing your own food, shopping at farmers markets, and getting energy from wind, hydro, and used vegetable oil. They suggested their viewers stop mowing their lawns, and touted the benefits of green building and straw bale construction. They pushed reducing, reusing and recycling. Remember, this isn’t Mother Earth News, it’s Fox.

Isn’t it amazing what $4 gas will do?

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