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Solar greenhouses, Chinese-style » Modeled temperature

Modeled temperature

Temperature profile inside solar greenhouse

Models from Tong et al. (2009) predict temperature profiles inside a solar greenhouse on cloudy and clear days and nights. Figures are in degrees Kelvin. Models agreed well with measured temperatures (Figures from Tong et al., 2009).

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  1. brent dobson permalink
    March 2, 2011 7:28 pm

    Have often wondered about this system and how a cost benifit analysis for this system in Manitoba might appear… using E.T.F.E. ( Dupont’s ethalene tetrafluro ethalene ( sp?) )membrane…. and also… how this material ( as an inflated skin ) might perform using either air or progressively ….argon gas to inflate it. The question becomes one of scale relative to amortization of investment I think.

    I understand from reading Bucky Works by J.Baldwin that E.T.F.E. allow somethig like 95% of the light spectrum through and that Argon though costly is highly insulating.

    Elsewhere I’ve noticed it said that it is effective to capture the warmer air at the top of the system and recycle it down below soil since root temperature is what is said to deternine growth rate (?)

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